world animal day

Every now and then, there are up comings of special days for our lovable pets. These days are a great excuse for us to show a little extra love and care for our pets. One of the days is World Animal Day, which is commemorated on October 4th. This day is to love, care and make a better place for all animals. It is celebrated in different ways in every country. Let us also plan out something to make this day extra special for your furry companion.

Here are some great ideas to create a good bonding and to celebrate World Animal Day with your pet

Throw A Party To Pet:

Throwing a party for pets is a great idea to enjoy this day. Call up your friends and invite them with their pet’s. You can arrange it in your backyard or at any party plot. Then all you need is great music, food, treats and goodies for your pets to have a fun time. Make sure you invite the friend who has the same pet as you such as dog or cat. Don’t involve a cat in a dog party or a dog in a cat party.

Gift Your Pet:

On this World Animal Day, you can gift your pet or pamper little more than usual. You can make your pet feel good and happy by gifting new chew toys, which are full of nutrition. You can select such toys that will help to maintain the physical and mental health of your furry pal.  The other thing you can gift your pooch is a new collar or leash like Seresto or Scalibor dog collar, which is also useful to protect your dog from parasitic infestation.


Take your dog for a walk by getting adventurous. Let him explore a new area, so take him to another place rather than your normal route. You can even plan to go for a hike, at a nearby sanctuary where pets are allowed.

Give Your Attention:

Spend some quality time with your pet by keeping your gadgets aside. Talk to your dog, say how your day went and other things you would like to share with your furry pal. Do you know our pets love the sound of our voices? They will sit calmly beside you and listen to you what you are saying. This is sure that you will be relaxed and your pet will get that some extra affection too.

Planning out these small things will bring a little bit of joy into the lives of your furry pal. You can even put an effort to donate food or things that can be used for the sheltered animals. Hope you enjoy this World Animal Day by giving a good contribution of love and care for your pet and other animals around you.

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