Concepts To Follow On This National Cat Health Month

Are you a cat owner or lover, here’s what you need to know, that this February is a National Cat Health Month. It is that time, where we all manage to take out some time off our busy schedules and look forward to spend some quality time with our beloved cats. The best way to show some warmth and love to your pet is by protecting your cat from different diseases for the whole year in the spirit of marking the National Cat Health Month. Here are simple concepts for your cat to have a better quality of life.

Ways To Make Cat Happy & Healthy During National Cat Health Month

Prevent Cat Obesity:

Prevent Cat Obesity

There are many owners who are not aware that their cat may be overweight or obese. Some of the cat parents feel that they look cute, when they are fat. But, that’s not true. If you find your kitty getting fat, this is not the sign that your cat is looking cute. Instead, they are showing that they are overweight or obese. If you are one of the owners, who think your furry pal is looking cute with overweight. Then you should know this, that obesity can lead to many various diseases in your beloved pet such as: Diabetes, arthritis, constipation, skin irritation and infection, Heart/lung/blood vessel diseases and others.

These all diseases can be prevented and you can save your furry pal’s life. For this you need to follow simple concepts of restricting calories. This can be done by promoting daily exercise, which help to keep your kitty slim and healthy. You can schedule an appointment with the vet to take the advice like what quantity of food you need to feed your cat. So, that your fur baby achieve an ideal body weight and stay away from all types of diseases.

Prevent Dental Problems in Cats:

Dental Problems in Cats

The most frequent health problem in cats is the dental disease. Eighty percent of cats have some level of dental issues. It is essential to take care of your kitty’s mouth. If the dental disease is left untreated, it can lead to life threatening consequences. Periodontal problems has many negative health implications for the internal organs, including the kidneys, lever, pancreas, heart as well as the immune system.

Like obesity, you can even prevent the dental problems by address the signs such as bad breath, difficulty in chewing, bleeding gum, tooth loss, decreased appetite, lethargy etc. In this case, you need to take your cat, immediately to the vet for treatment. If you don’t want your cat to get in such a problem the best thing  you can do is to clean your furry pal’s teeth on regular basis.

Cleaning your cat’s teeth can even build a good bonding between you both. For this you need to select a toothpaste made specially for cats such as Pet Dent Toothpaste. Make sure not to use any human teeth products, as it can be harmful to them. You can select the toothbrush for your kitty like Pet Dent Finger Brush or Pet Dent Toothbrush. Brushing your feline’s teeth on daily basis will help to eliminate the build up of plaque, tartar, stop bad breath and keep her mouth free from bacteria.

Prevent Feline From Pests And Worms:

Prevent Feline From Pests And Worms

As you know cat’s can be a host for various predators such as fleas, ticks, mites as well as they may pick up intestinal worms too. It is important to prevent your cat from these various pests and worms. You can do this by giving the monthly Flea and Tick Treatment such as: Frontline Plus, Advantage, Capstar, Program Oral Suspension etc. For the intestinal parasites you can use dewormers like Popantel, Exelpet Allwormer etc, but make sure before deworming get your cat diagnosed. All the treatments, should be choose according to the age and weight of your furry pal.

Hope this February on National Cat Health Month, you promise yourself to take care of your kitty by following the above simple concepts to keep your cat fit and healthy for all years long.

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