Fleas and ticks are always a problem for pets. Pet parents have to explore various treatments in order to remove fleas, and protect their pets from these external parasites. Pets should be treated regularly with flea and tick treatment to prevent flea and tick from attacking them and causing infestation.

There are numerous brand company products available in the market ranging from Merial Frontline Plus, Bayer Advantage II and Novartis Parastar for treating fleas and ticks. Among the various formulations, Frontline Plus and Advantage II are widely used flea and tick control treatments. Most of the pet owners buy them regularly to keep their pets free from flea and ticks.

This topical prescriptions help to keep these external parasites away for a month and prevent further infestation.

Let us dig deep inside the major differences between these two products, Frontline Plus and Advantage II.

Frontline Plus vs Advantage II

Advantage II Frontline Plus
This flea medication kills fleas within 12 hours Frontline Plus flea treatment kills external parasites within 24 hours
It is effective on adult fleas, flea larvae and eggs, chewing lice. This medication is effective on adult fleas, flea larvae and eggs, chewing lice, and ticks
It is waterproof It too is waterproof
Advantage II is administered to dogs and puppies 7 weeks and older. Frontline Plus is given to dogs and puppies 8 weeks and older
A product by Bayer A product by Merial
Each application provides full month protection It offers total protection from fleas and ticks for a month.
Imidacloprid (9.1%), Pyriproxyfen (0.46%) are the active ingredients Fipronil, S-methoprene are the active ingredients
Advantage II is a non-prescription product Frontline Plus is also a non-prescription product
This medication works for both cats and dogs It is beneficial for both cats and dogs
It even works after bathing and swimming Frontline Plus remains effective even after pet’s bathing and swimming
It is effective on fleas only does not work on ticks Frontline Plus is effective on both fleas and ticks
Advantage II is safe and easy to apply Except slight irritation, it has no side effects and simple to administer

Well after seeing the differences, you can make out which is the best flea and tick medication for your pet. In treating flea and tick, these both over the counter prescriptions are similar but they differ in some qualities. Where Frontline Plus works on both fleas and ticks, Advantage II treats only fleas.

Considering the intensity and density of these external parasites on your pets, you can find out the best product for your pet.