The hot summer season brings both fun and sweating. Summer is the time for outing, picnics and exploring the water bodies to cool down the body temperature, thus getting the most from the hot season. However, it can be the testing time for your pet as summer is also synonymous with fleas, ticks and other nasty parasites. The increase in the mercury level also requires you to make suitable adjustments in your surroundings to help your pet experience a little cool temperature this summer season.

Keep Your Pet Safe And Cool This Summer

How To Ensure The Summer Season Cool And Safe For Your Pet?

The most basic detail to keep in mind regarding this season is to provide your pet a shady place to rest and to ensure easy access of drinking water. At the same time, protecting your pet through flea control products and wormers becomes important to safeguard your pooch from nasty internal and external parasites.

Top 5 Summer Safety Tips for Your Furry Companion

Make Sure Your Pet Has Easy Access to Fresh Water At All times
This is the most basic thing you can do to keep your pet hydrated during summer. Place bowls filled with cool fresh water in your pet’s surroundings. Check these bowls at different intervals to know whether the pet is drinking adequate water or not. Do replace the water at different hours to ensure continuous cool and fresh water supply to your pet.

Provide Your Pet A Shady Place To Dwell And Rest When Outside
The heat of the summer cannot prevent your pet from spending some time in the lawns of your house. The grass environment always attracts our furry pets. However, to lessen the impact of the sun’s heat on your pet when playing outdoors, prepare a makeshift tent to block the direct passage of the sunrays. Make sure the tent has availability of fresh water for your pet.

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Use Flea Control Preventives And Wormers
Fleas, ticks and other parasites are the common menace for pets in the summer season. These parasites find summer temperature appropriate for multiplying their numbers and for living on the bodies of other animals. The only effective option to keep this menace away from your pet’s life is to use flea control products such as Frontline Plus or Advantage. For protecting your pet from intestinal worms, Panacur Oral Suspension is the best option. Vacuuming your house once in a week will also help your cause to ensure your pet free of pests.

Groom Your Pet Regularly
Summer grooming includes giving your pet daily baths (if he is comfortable), trimming the excess hairs from his body, applying sunscreen for sun protection, walking in the early mornings and late evenings to enhance the summer experience of your pet, etc.

Do Not Forget To Schedule A Vet Visit
For summer safety of your pet, visit vet before the summer actually begins. The vet will guide you about what to feed your pet this summer, the dos and don’ts of the summer season and of course checking the overall health of your pet.

Summer season brings enormous joy and merriment for both you and your pet if followed some basic summer precautions as discussed above. As a pet parent, pay heed to the above summer tips. At the same time, do not commit silly mistakes like leaving your pet alone in the car even for a few seconds or not paying attention to your pet when gone for beach or near any water body. Enjoy the warm sun with your furry companion but don’t be careless!