When it comes to apartment living, there are many aspects you need to consider while keeping a dog. First of all, one has to make sure the apartment owners allow people to keep pets in their property because dogs can mess around, vocalize, and create chaos if they are not well-trained. However, this doesn’t mean keeping pets in apartments is completely prohibited. Some property owners allow you to keep dogs but with fees that you must check can meet your pocket.

Apart from that, there are other factors like size, vocalization, and energy levels of the dog that influence greatly when you live in an apartment. Space crunch in your abode won’t suit a big dog breed. If the dog is frivolous and loves to play, he may not suit a person who likes to stay quiet and relaxed at home. Moreover, if a high energy dog is kept in a small apartment, it is likely that he will be unhappy.

Vocalization is another aspect people shouldn’t overlook. In apartments, there could be noises and influx of strangers, thus dogs who bark or howl can cause issues to the other dwellers. Sometimes, breed of a dog also plays a great role in deciding the pet that will suit you the most for apartment living because some breeds are naturally small, some others are normally quiet, and some others have moderate energy levels. A dog that has all of these three qualities can easily settle in an apartment. Here is a list of dog breeds that are congenial and perfect to keep in your flat.

Bichon Frise

Bichons are perky and cutesy little dogs that stay mostly happy and enliven the place wherever they go. Since they are small, Bichons are good for a small spaced flat. Moreover, these dogs are playful and are just perfect for people that like to stay moderately active through the day.

Cavaliers King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers are calm and gentle yet playful. They are small to medium in size and can fit any space. Moreover, 15 to 20 minutes of daily walk around your block would be enough to keep him fit. They only vocalize when they feel you haven’t attended them, else, they are highly affectionate towards humans. Besides, it is fairly easy to housetrain this breed. And, they are best as a snuggle buddy.


Chihuahuas are loyal to their owners and love cuddles from their owners. They are also smallest of all and hence can fit any size of the apartment. This breed has moderate to high energy levels, which makes them playful. Though Chihuahuas bark when their privacy is intruded, with the proper house and behavioral training from an early age, they can be toned down and taught to get used to strangers.  


Toy poodles are small to medium sized dogs and are very intelligent. They have moderate energy levels and can become highly disciplined with proper training. However, you do need to give him a good walk to keep him healthy and lively. Moreover, they can learn your lifestyle easily and get accustomed to it.

Shih Tzu

This toy breed is known to carry himself gracefully and builds up a lot of affection towards his owners. Shih Tzus are great for cuddling and also make perfect apartment dogs because they don’t really vocalize much and stay calm.

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